Thursday, January 6, 2011

Follower Contest! - Rules and added bonus!

Follower Contest.  From January 15th - February 26th, Digital Waagh is hosting a follower drive.  Sign up as a follower for a chance to win a mini painted by Golden Demon Winner Mike Howell!  (Good thing, I taught him to paint, now he is better than me...the circle is complete...the student has become...ah nevermind.)

Become a Follower to the Digital Waagh Blog before February 26th, and your name will be entered into a drawing, if chosen, the winner will receive a mini of their choice painted by Mike.  (Winner must provide the mini, and assumes postage to Mike.  Digital Waagh will handle the return shipping charges.)  Miniature must be no Larger than an infantry sized model.  (40mm and under) 

Second chance drawing!  - That's right, a second chance to win!  Followers who submit a 500 point competitive Warhammer 40,000 ork army list with a 250 point step-up chosen from Codex: Orks
(ie; a 500 point list that you can add  the 250 points to for a total of 750 points) will be entered to win again doubling your chances!  (Lists that excede a total of 750 points, or have units from a source other than Codex: Orks will be disqualified for the second chance drawing.)

Master Tactician prize.  - But wait! - There's More!...That's right, out of the army lists that are sent in, the Digital Waagh team will choose the most competitive or "beardiest", "broken", "cheesy" or whatever other terminology you wish to use.  The army list entry that wins, will receive a fully painted custom made ork objective marker.  What will it be?  Perhaps a boss' war Table, or a junk pile, or a small squig pen, or a bunch of useful wotz-itz, just wait and see!   A picture of the prize will be posted soon, so enter your army list today!

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  1. Great contest idea. Already know which mini I would pick if (no chance!) I win ;)