Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Folding and cutting and gluing...

Here some more papercraft scenery.  This time, a waaagh! tower... Soon my Orky empire will be complete...mwa  perhaps.


  1. DUDE!!!! I totally never would have imagined using papercraftery/scrapbooking stuff in my 40K... wahoo, more fun to have! Thanks for an idea I fully intend to steal =)))

  2. Loot away, there are a lot of sites with papercraft terrain. The best imho, still being

    Also, the 1/16th hole punch makes for great rivets. Simply punch some cardstock, and save the "holes" and use on sheet card, or plastic styrene for rivets. Another useful tool is the "z" crimper, it makes for nifty corrugated steel.