Sunday, December 19, 2010

And now for something completely different...

So I have been looking for a cheap (lit. free) way to do a fighta for my orks.  I have come across some really good paper models out there of Space Marine vehicles, Imperial Guard, and even Titans, but no Ork vehicles...  However, I did come across some good scenery for modern buildings and props, along with a Orky settlement.  I decided just to see how good it would look so, I put this dumpster together at work in about 5 minutes.  I only had an old glue stick to work with and some large scissors.  The glue from the stick was decidedly sub-standard, and did not go on smooth.  I am confident however, that once I have proper building materials, and some practice, I can make some halfway decent terrain.  I got the dumpster and other stuff for free here.  Also, there is a thread over on WarSeer forums in the archives tracking different projects and such which you can find here.  But enough with the links, here are da pics!

I like the interior detail.


Better shot of interior, although, you can see what I mean about the glue...

And a pic with a Nob for reference.

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