Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Return to Armageddon Campaign News - Scenery Challenge

So I built my 2nd building in about an hour last night, it is a looted mechanicus building that I am going to use for a Mek's shop/shed.  I just need to make it Orky and "Proppa", then paint it.

So, I got to thinking, we are going to need a lot more scenery for Cities of Death, and to represent Hive Incedius Mortis.  (Not to mention the Apocalypse battle.)  So, I better get to work!  What better way to have some motivation than to challenge oneself.  I figured it took me an hour to build one building, can I do 4 buildings, and get them painted in 4 days?  That is the challenge...4 buildings, 4 days.  And get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday since we are hosting, and be a husband and father...easily done.  Just work about an hour and a half each night.  I will keep posting updates on my progress, and you can always check the scenery page above as well. 

Now, where did I put those clippers?...

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