Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incoming Astropath Message

Astropath Message M4.659-2345.XML

:Astropath Guide Starvos:

<:Trasmission begin:>

Greetings in the name of the most beneficent Emperor, the xenos threat known in the common tongue as “greenskins”, have once again raided the outskirts of Tempostra Hive. After many small skirmishes with the alien menace, we have come to find that the vile xenos have stolen data vital the the Imperium of Man’s survival within the Armageddon system.
Tales of your chapter's mighty deeds have been told throughout the last few centuries, and it is because of your valor and your close proximity to the threat that the Inquisition is commanding your aide.
Your mission is to send an elite squad of troopers deep into the xenos held territory, and recover this data by whatever means.

May the Emperor bless.

Brother Captain Shur-LEK

Deathwatch Chapter under the command of Inquisitor Serveris

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