Saturday, November 13, 2010

Adeptus Astartes M4.2345.XML-649

<:Mission Log transmission begin:>

:{User - Brother Veteran Fraunhofer}:

:[Title - A new objective.]:

We have failed the holy Emperor, and the most of the Operations team were taken down by heavy Xenos ballistics. Our brothers who have fallen have been escorted back to base camp to be cared for by Brother Apocathery. Myself and Brother Terminator Hestophar have survived.
The xenos threat took heavy losses as well. Our brethren did their duties with a fire in their hearts, and the words of the Imperial Doctrine upon their lips. The xenos threat was nearly annhilated, however, the weight of their numbers nearly crushed our battle plans. We shall not fail again, and the more greenskins there are in the thick of battle, the more opppurtunity we have to show our faith and our strength. We shall overcome the xenos threat next time in the name of our Holy Emperor!

The greenskins seem to survive on fighting, and are no doubt prepared for an assault. We must hunt down and exterminate the small force we had the oppurtunity to battle in the name of our beloved Emperor, before they are able to muster larger numbers.

We have procurred new team members, and have a new objective. Secure the Imperial data, and exterminate the entire xenos threat within the immediate area.

May the Emporer bless.

:{Brother Veteran Fraunhofer}:

:<:End Transmission:>:

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