Thursday, October 9, 2008

Warboss lives up to his name

I played in the 'Ard boyz tournament not that long ago, and came in last. The organizer of the event and host of the venue came up with a great name for my Warboss because of it. (Thanks Angelos.) I need to either come up w/ a new warboss, or better army list, or something, because I was doing pretty well with my orks until then. After that, every game I have played, I have lost. (Not that I mind losing, but an occasional win would be nice.) Although, I would probably lose a battle too, if my nose ring was not gold...that is something I need to fix. (Among other things.) I had to paint him quickly for the tournament.

So here he is....Warboss Loozbadd

Next update, a WIP pic of my new warboss - Warboss 'EadStomp Gitsmak

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